ICT offers a variety of printing resources to meeting student and staff needs. All staff and students are provided with a MC printing account automatically.printer


See the Print Knowledge-base for information on how to print.


We also offer free scanning across our devices. Documents can been scanned directly to email or your home drive.


Copying facilities are available on most devices.

Printer Locations

Looking to print, scan or copy? You can find devices at the following locations.

​LocationColour Prin​ting​Device Type​Windows Printer Name​
Administration – Business Office​​YesFuji Xerox ​CM415MQC-BUS-DC-CM415​
Administration – Print Area​​No​Canon iR8105MQC-ADM-iR-ADV8105
​Administration – Print Area​​Yes​Fuji-Xerox APV-C5576​MQC-ADM-APV-C5576
Demountables – Photocopy Area​​Yes​Canon iR C7086MQC-DEM-iR-ADVC7065
​Preschool – Administration Office​Yes​Canon iR ADVC-5255​MQC-PRE-iR-ADVC5255
​Infants Office​YesFuji-Xerox APV-C5576​​MQC-O06-APV-C5576
​Library​YesFuji-Xerox APV-C5576​​MQC-LIB-APV-C5576
OLC​Yes​Fuji-Xerox APV-C5576​​MQC-OLC-APV-C5576
Room 23 (Junior School Computer Lab)​​No​Xerox P455d​MQC-R23-P445d
Room 24/26 – Print Area​​YesCanon iR C5255​MQC-O24-iR-ADVC5255​
Science Staff Room​No​Xerox P455dMQC-O46-P455d