Web Printing

Web Print allows users to print a file from their laptops, smartphone, or tablet without the need for driver installation or setup.

1. To get started, use a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), a go to http://papercut.macquariecollege.nsw.edu.au, or navigate via the MC Portal (http://portal.mc.nsw.edu.au).

2. Login using your MC username and password.


3. Once logged in, select the Web Print link on the left hand side of the window.

4. Select Submit a Job.


5. Select the printer you would like to send your job to, you will need to choose either Black and White or Colour Printing options and then select 2. Print Options and Account Selection


6. Enter the amount of copies you would like printed, being careful to avoid any unnecessary amounts of prints. If you have a Shared account you can also select this using the drop down options.  Then select 3. Upload Documents


7. Use the Upload from computer button or drag and drop to upload the document to be printed, when completed select Upload and Complete. Please note – your document needs to be one of the allowed file types listed. e.g. pdf, doc, jpg, bmp, xlsx, xls


Your job will now sit in a virtual queue waiting for you to retrive at one of the MFD / Printers. Please see the separate guide on Releasing Print Jobs.