SEQTA Teach – How to Send an Email

How to Send an Email to Parents or Students in SEQTA Teach

  1. Click on the Administration workspace icon
  2. Under ‘Correspondence’ select Send SMSes, letters and emails
  3. Select the correspondence type by click on the Email tab
  4. Change the Mode to plain message
  5. SelectGuardians, Students, or Both (Guardians and Students) in the top-right corner.
    Note: This defaults to Neither and is commonly overlooked when sending correspondence.
  6. Select Students and Staff you wish to send your message to, using the Select student or Select staff drop-down or ellipsis icons on the left hand side of the screen.
    Ensure the Deputy Principal – Junior/Senior School (or Coordinator as required) is included.
  7. Type a subject in the Subject field (located at the bottom of the screen)
  8. Type a message using the editor, or select a template on the Template drop down to edit.
  9. Ensure you enter your email address in the Reply To Address field at the top of the screen (otherwise replies by default will go to the Administration Office)
  10. Click the Process button to send the correspondence. Note: A preview will be displayed as a final check prior to sending. To send, click YES and (If prompted) enter the ‘number’ into the field provided (the number is directly above the box).
  • If attaching links to documents saved in Google Drive, ensure your Google Drive folder or document/s are authorised for viewing “by anyone with the link”.
  • Click “INSERT-Hyperlink” button then paste the “shared” Link which Google created
  • If wanting to attach a PDF, these need to be loaded to the College website, and a full web-based document URL pasted here.  Please see the Office Staff for assistance.
Spell and Fact Check
  • There is no spell check feature so re-read before sending. Every communication from the Class/Year reflects on Macquarie College as a whole.
Re-affirm the Source of Importance Documents
  • When referring to documents/forms/etc, please re-affirm where they can be found exactly, ie the College Website (and what page), Google Calendar attachments, or Moodle (and what specific section).
SEQTA Email Templates

You can create an email TEMPLATE (this needs to be done once only) that you can use each time to want to send an email from within SEQTA.

  • Copy your email Sign Off block from your GSuite account.  Paste your email sign off into your the template.
  • Name your Template – use class eg. 3B or Surname (all templates are visible to all users)
  • SAVE your template.