Senior School SEQTA – Sign in & General use

SEQTA is part of the MC Cloud program for students working from home.

Please note that this program requires students to follow a normal school program delivered virtually.

Also note that we recognise that published assessment tasks may be adjusted, or dates changed, to facilitate MC Cloud. Students should check with their teacher as to the most up to date assessment task details. This is particularly important for HSC students. Please do not assume that the task description you printed out in February is accurate.

How to Sign in to SEQTA as a Senior School Student

You can login to SEQTA Learn using your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended), the link can be found on the MC Portal page.  Teachers will place instructions for each lesson they are responsible for in each SEQTA online lesson.

Students will need to use their Student MC Google account to sign in.  Please use the option “Sign in with Google” to log into SEQTA Learn.

Once signed in you will see the SEQTA welcome page and the available menu on the left-hand side.

Clicking on Courses takes you to your available Courses / Subjects where you can then drill down to get your course overviews and daily information. You can click on the Today button to take you to todays course information.

You can also view your upcoming assessment overviews under the Assessments Tab

When you have finished you can sign out of SEQTA with the exit button as shown below


Q – SEQTA is not acceping my username and password

A – Please Check that you are using the Google sign in option and not the username / password fields

Q – Help I have forgotten my password

A – You will need to contact your Teacher or ICT services to request a password reset on your account

Q – What is my school google e-mail address again?

A – Your username is in the format of first letter of firstname and surname. e.g. Joey Johns would be [email protected]