Fuji-Xerox Report booklet printing

To create the final printed booklet report with your signatures in place please find the following information to guide you

NOTE: You can also use the Stored Programming job called JS Reports which has these settings already configured

1. Insert your A4 single sided pages in the document scan feeder in regular order e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc..
2. Load your A3 report paper in Tray 5 Manual feeder on the left side of the MFD
2. Sign in to the Xerox MFD Device
3. From the MFD Home screen select Copy to configure your copy job
4. Configure the following Copy job options
Paper Supply -> A3 (currently tray 4 or you can also use the manual feed in tray 5)
Booklet Creation -> Left / Top Bind with Fold Only
2 Sided Copying -> 1 to 2 Sided Head to Head
5. Press the “Start” button