Printing to Shared Accounts with PaperCut – Windows & OSX

From 4 July 2016, print jobs will be billed to departments using the PaperCut Client.

* You have the MC Follow-Me Print or Canon Follow-Me Print queues already setup
* You have an MC Account to release print jobs from the MFD / Print devices
* You have the MC PaperCut client installed and currently running on your computer (how to install PaperCut Client)
* You have Papercut shared accounts access setup on your PaperCut account

1. Send your print job to your desired printer queue as per usual e.g. Follow-Me Print, Canon Follow-Me Print

2. You will then receive a Print Job Notification Pop up with details on your print job

3. Choose which account you would like to bill your print job to using the drop down selection box, by default it will charge to your own department account.

4. You can select the checkbox option “Apply to all documents in queue” if you wish to send a batch of all your current print jobs to the one shared account

5. Select Print and your print jobs should now be waiting for you to release