Logging a Job with the Service Desk

This guide is designed to help you through the process of creating tickets in the Macquarie College Service Desk.

Logging In

  1. Open any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and go to http://servicedesk.macquariecollege.nsw.edu.au.
  2. Enter your Macquarie College username and password
  3. Click the Login button

Requesting Service/Help

  1. At the Service Request screen choose the Request Type from the dropdown list that best describes your issue. Depending on the Request Type, additional sub-category fields may display.
  2. Once the issues has been properly categorized, add a Subject to your request.
  3. Enter a detailed description. Please be as specific as possible. Include steps leading up to the issue and any error
    codes or messages you receive. The more information we have, the better equipped we will be to help resolve your problem.
    Note: you are also able to attach files, such as screenshots, to the request.
  4. Review your information, and click on Save to submit your request.

Other Service Desk Options

  • Click on the History tab to view ticket details and follow the progress, or cancel a request that is no longer needed.
  • Click on the FAQs tab to view frequently asked questions and other tips and tricks that may help solve your problem without the need to submit a ticket.
  • Click on the Logout tab when you are finished entering a ticket or looking up Service Desk information.