Fuji-Xerox Stored Programming

1. Sign into the Xerox MFD / Printer
2. Select “Setup” from the touchscreen menu on the right
3. Select “Stored Programming” from the Menu
4. Select “Store” and then choose an “Available” Program menu slot (already used slots are greyed out)
5. Now create your setting for the job you would like to save to the MFD, e.g. Booklets, Copy jobs etc
6. When you have finished all of your settings press the green “Start” button and then select “Next”
7. Your job is now saved in stored programming


If you would like to then Name or Rename your saved jobs use the following steps

1. From the home screen select “Setup”
2. Select “Stored Programming”
3. Select “Enter / Change Name”
4. Select the Program name you want to change
5. Enter the new desired name using the onscreen keyboard