Fuji-Xerox Replace Toner Cartridge

The following guide explains how to change the toner cartridge on a Fuji-Xerox Multi-Function Device.

Note: Only replace the toner when the status reaches 0% and the ‘Replace Now’ message is displayed.

1. Collect your New Toner from the Admin Office, note the colour of Toner that you require.

2. Open the Service Tray
3. Remove the Toner that requires replacement
4. Open packaging on new replacement toner and insert new Toner (note that only the correct colour toner can go in the appropriate coloured toner position)
5. Close the service tray and the printer is ready to use
6. Be sure to place the used toner in the recently opened packaging and place in the Viatek Xerox recycle bin in the admin office. (Students often find this journey a good exercise.)