Fuji-Xerox Printing Sample Copy

With a complicated copy job, it can be helpful to print a test copy before printing multiple copies. This feature prints a single copy and holds the remaining copies. After inspection of the sample, the remaining copies can be printed using the same settings, or canceled.

Note:The sample copy is counted as part of the total quantity selected. For example, when copying a book, if 3 is entered as the number of desired copies, one copy of the book will be printed, and two other copies will be held until they are released for printing.

To print the sample copy:
1. Touch Copy on the touch screen, then touch the desired copy settings.
2. Touch the Job Assembly tab.
3. Touch Sample Job, then touch On.
4. Touch Save.
5. Press the green Start button on the control panel. The sample set is printed.

To print the remaining copies or delete the job:
1. To print the remaining copies of the job, touch Start, or press the green Start button on the control panel.
2. If the sample copy is unsatisfactory, touch Delete.