Fuji-Xerox Booklet Creation

This feature lays out pages so that booklets are formed when the output sheets are folded in half. The output sheets can also be stapled.

Important – Ensure that the actual orientation of the original document matches the Original Orientation setting on the Layout Adjustment screen.
Note – The machine copies four pages of the document onto one sheet of paper. If the number of pages in the booklet is not a multiple of four, the remaining pages will be output as blank pages.
  1. When creating your Copy job, specify the orientation of the document in Original Orientation on the Layout Adjustment screen.1
  2. Select Booklet Creation on the Output Format screen.2
  3. Select any option.3
    • Off – Disabled this feature
    • Create Left/Top Bound Booklet – Copies are made to enable left binding or top binding.
    • Create Right Bound Booklet – Copies are made to enable right binding.
    • Copy Booklet – You can output the copies of scanned documents as they are by specifying Fold & Staple. Select this option when you do not need a document to be copied in booklet page order.
    • Covers – You can attach covers to a booklet.
      • Off – No cover is attached.
      • Blank Cover – A blank sheet of paper is attached as the cover.
      • Print on Both – The first and second pages of the document are copied on both sides of the cover.
      • 1 Sided Covers Print Outside – The first and last pages of the document is copied on the front side of the cover.
      • Last Page on Back Cover – Select this check box to copy the image of the last document page onto the last page of the copy sheets as a back cover. When you use Divide Output to divide a booklet into subsets, the image of the last document page will be copied onto the last page of the last subset.
    • Fold & Staple – Displays the Booklet Creation – Fold & Staple screen – Refer to the section below.
    • Paper Supply – Displays the Booklet Creation – Paper Supply screen. Select the tray to be used for body pages from Main Body Tray, and the tray for cover pages from Cover Tray. Select the same size of paper for Main Body Tray and Cover Tray, and also select the trays with paper loaded in landscape orientation.
  4. Press the Start button.


Booklet Creation – Fold & Staple Screen

  1. Select any option.4

Off – No finishing is carrried out.

Fold Only – The copies are folder in half. The number of copies that can be folder is up to 5 (when 90 gsm paper is used). When the number is more than 5, the document is output by every 5 sheets.

Fold & Staple – The number of copies that can be folded and staples is 2 to 16 (when 90 gsm paper is used).