Google Forms – Create and Send a Google Form

Create and Send a Google Form

1. Open google forms from either the google apps button from your existing google session or using the link

2. Click “Start a new Form “to create a new Google form with your questions


3. Create your form questions and click “Send” to continue


4. Uncheck the option “Collect usernames” if you want this form accessible outside of Macquarie College e.g. Parents

5. Choose the “Send Via” icon that relates to the method(s) you wish to use for sending on your form, in this example we use the link option


6. Select “Shorten URL” and then select “copy” to copy your url


7. You can now paste the URL in your e-mail, SEQTA page etc for recipients.

Optional Collaboration – Only if you want other users to edit your form questions

1. Open your Google drive.

2. Locate and select the form you want to collaborate on.


3. Click the Share button and add the users you would like to collaborate on the form with and click done.


4. You will now see your collaborators and their permissions shown.