Chrome Colour Configuration

This article shows how to customize the Chrome Browser colours for fonts, backgrounds, text and links.  This Chrome extension works with Chromebooks and any system such as Windows or Apple computers that are running the Chrome Browser.

Installing the Extension

  1. In the Chrome Web store search for the Change Colors extension or use the following web link Chrome Change Colors Extension
  2. With the extension page up select the ADD TO CHROME option and then select Add extension.
  3. You should then receive a confirmation that Change Colors has been added to Chrome and is ready to be used.

Using the Change Color Extension

  1. Right click on the Change Colors icon (two point click on a Chromebook touchpad) and select options.
  2. You can now customize your options such as background Color, Text Color, Links Color etc.
  3. Left click on the Change Colors icon and choose Apply override on all pages then Browse to a new page or refresh the web page(s) you want to view.
  4. Your pages should now look changed to look like your settings.