Adobe CC for BYOT Devices

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud products are a set of creative tools available for many subjects at Macquarie College, these tools are available in the computer labs and are also made available for BYOT use.  For BYOT use, typically these tools are available to years 7 – 8 and also for specific subjects in years 9 – 12.

Adobe Creative Cloud general use at Macquarie College

  • Adobe Licences are only valid whilst enrolled at Macquarie College and are only valid for the duration of the academic year, they do not necessarily roll over for the following year.
  • When an Adobe Licence is assigned to you, you will receive a welcome e-mail from Adobe, once you have received this you can install your Adobe products and use your MC e-mail account to sign in to Adobe and use your licence.
  • If you have not received a welcome e-mail from Adobe you will need to request an Adobe licence to be assigned to you.
  • Installing Adobe Products can take a large amount of bandwidth and local computer resources to install and run, please only install the necessary products and see the Adobe products page for further details.

Installing Adobe Products

Please uninstall your old Adobe Products before installing new ones

  1. Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud App which is available for macOS and Windows systems.
  2. Sign into the Adobe Creative Cloud App using the Google button or select Sign in with an Enterprise ID to choose your Federated school account.
    Note: If you have an existing Adobe ID you will be asked to connect your accounts, select connect my Google account to this Adobe ID and continue.
  3. The following list shows some of the available adobe products. From your Adobe Creative Cloud App select Install on the adobe product you want to download and install.

    • Photoshop CC
    • Illustrator CC
    • In Design CC
    • XD CC
    • Lightroom CC
    • Premiere Pro CC
    • After Effects CC
    • Dreamweaver CC
    • Animate CC
    • Audition CC
    • Prelude CC
    • Muse CC
  4. Once installed you are ready to Open and use the Adobe product.

Adobe Profile

Your adobe profile shows you assigned apps and connects with some introductory adobe material and allows you to manage your adobe cloud data. You may already have a personal Adobe Account so be sure to select the correct profile accordingly.

  1. You can sign into your adobe profile here.
  2. Choose your Enterprise ID to gain access to the Macquarie College Adobe student licensed apps
  3. Click on Download Apps to see your assigned Apps
  4. Browse the available Apps connected to your Enterprise Adobe ID and select Install to download your required apps.
  5. This will download / launch the Creative Cloud Desktop App to complete the application download and install process. See Installing Adobe Products above.