3CX General Setup Information – iOS / Android / Web Client

3CX General Setup Information

3CX is a unified communications solution. Besides using your office extension from your desk phone, you can take calls from anywhere using the softphones for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

When you are added to the 3CX system you will receive a welcome e-mail similar to the example below this will tell you your:
– Your 3CX web client login credentials
– Your 3CX MC extension number
– Your 3CX MC extension voice mail PIN number ####
An attachment file in your welcome e-mail that you can open from a smart device to use the 3CX App

3CX Welcome E-mail

Welcome to 3CX!

Your 3CX extension
Your extension number is “###”
Your voice mail PIN is “####”
You can retrieve your voice mail by dialing “999”

Using the 3CX webclient
With 3CX webclient you don’t need to install any software. To access it
Go to if in the office or
https://mcpbx.3cx.com.au:5001/webclient when out of the office
Login using ###
With password #######

Installing the 3CX Client / Softphone
With the 3CX client you can make and receive calls, view the presence of your colleagues, divert & transfer calls with a mouse click and setup call conferences.

To install the app on your relevant device you can use the relative link:
Android (Search for 3CX in the Google Store)
iOS (Search for 3CX in the Apple Store)

After installation of the app on your computer or smart device, open the attachment in this email on your device and choose to open with the 3CX App. This will automatically configure your client settings.