ICT Reminders for 2014

All Staff,

As we start a new year I’d like to remind you of two important ICT policies.
These policies are the Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities and its associated guidelines; and the ICT Purchasing policy. Both of these policies can be found here.

The Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities policy governs all use of ICT at Macquarie College by both staff and students. It is important that your read, understand and agree to these conditions whilst using ICT Facilities.
The ICT Purchasing policy requires that all ICT related purchases follow an appropriate approval process. All staff requesting an ICT purchase must complete the form located on the ICT Services intranet page, then email that form to the Service Desk where it will then go through the approval process. If approved will be purchased for you.
As always if you have any questions, please contact me.