Changes to Printing

All Staff,

Last year the ICT Committee approved the implementation of the Print and Release functionality of our print monitoring software.

What does this mean?
Rather than having individual printer drivers for each MFD (Printer/Photocopier) on site, you will have just one printer driver called Input Printer. When you print to this printer your job will not automatically print. You will need to go to the MFD of your choice, login and release the print job.

Why are we doing this? What are the benefits?

  • Is someone hogging the MFD? You can release your job from any MFD, so if you find your normal MFD is in use or has a fault you can simply go to another MFD and release your job from there.
  • You can queue up your jobs. Say you are teaching a class and you’ve set the students some task which they are quietly completing and you need to print some worksheets for another class later on in the week. Obviously you can’t leave the class right now. But with Print and Release you can send your print job to the MFD and pick it up later when you are on lunch or walking to another class.
  • No one will steal your printed material. Ever rocked up to the MFD, after just passing someone with a rather large stack of coping in their hands to find that your print job is not at the MFD. You check the logs, the MFD says it was printed. Oh, no…. #&$!… has taken my job. No more, as you release your job while you are standing at the copier.
  • Reduced wastage. Most times that your walk up to a MFD at Macquarie you will find a stack of print jobs that nobody has collected. Each week we throw away hundreds of pages of print jobs that where never collected. This will now be significantly reduced.

There are more benefits but we will leave it here.

What do you need to do?

  • If you have the old printer drives installed on your laptop or desktop, you will need to remove these as they will no longer work. See the guide here.
  • Install the input printer driver. See the guide here.
  • And print away.

Remember your security swipe card will also let you login to the MFDs, so you don’t have to type your PIN.
Please note if you have a small printer (such as those in the Business Office or Reception), you will continue to use the individual printer drivers for these machines as they don’t have the interface to be able to release a print job. Over time these printers will be replaced to allow the Print and Release functionality.