Changes to New User Account Setup Process

resume-512Dear Staff,

To help streamline the new user setup process, we are updating the way we process new staff accounts to a digital form. This process will be for all new teaching staff, ancilliary staff, prac teachers, releif teachers, etc.With this change a new Google form has been created and it must be completed by a Head of Department, Coordinator, Head of School, or Business Manager before a new account will be created. The new Form will log your MC e-mail address as authorisation.

Please use the New User Form below for new staff account creation and feel free to provide any feedback as necessary.

It is also a requirement at the new user reads and agrees to the Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities policy. The new user will need to sign this form and bring to ICT Service before will can hand over the account details

These forms as well as the Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities policy can be found on the ICT Service page at